HVAC Technician

Average Salary Per Year: $62,472

Are you interested in model building or have coined yourself Mr. Fix It? HVAC Technicians are always piecing things together as they install, maintain and repair heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Can’t decide between a career in mechanical systems or electronics? HVAC covers it all! Motors, compressors, pumps, fans, thermostats and computerized switches control systems in residential, commercial and industrial structures. Technicians can also specialize in specific equipment, such as hydronics (water-based heating systems), solar panels or commercial refrigeration.

Education Options:

Technical School, Community College, Registered Apprenticeship Program, and Industry Training Program


Good hand-eye coordination, physical dexterity, mechanical and mathematical aptitude. Some states require licensure by passing a written examination. Also,

Career Path for HVAC Technicians

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